Our Shop

Our Shop Technicians can provide:

-Unit and parts Disassembly

-Clean part – removing all rust, paint, and grease (bead blast upon request)

-Visual inspection of parts

-UT wall thickness

-Mag Particle inspection (upon request)

-Rebuild with new internals, as applicable

-All used parts will be returned to the customer (upon request)

-Pressure test to working pressure

-Test charts per serial number provided

-Paint all parts (upon request)

-Attach recertification band with test date, working pressure, serial number (colored or stainless)

NOTE: Reports provided include information regarding each part: accepted or rejected, all findings during inspection, Copy of UTT Report, copy of pressure test chart, all corresponding maps for identifying UTT, list of replacement parts added with serial numbers. 

Freedom Iron Testing understands how important it is for you and your company to operate and maintain safe oil and gas flow testing equipment that also meet API and ASME standards. We know that a regular erosion and corrosion monitoring system is vital in ensuring that the equipment is safe to operate.

Freedom Iron Testing has full time UTT (Ultrasonic Thickness Testing) crews working out of Elk City,OK. Our crew leaders are Level II Certified.

Given advance notice we can mobilize crews to other areas that Freedom Iron Testing covers in Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our crews are versatile and have the training to go to your yard or well site locations.

 Our Quality Management System has established procedures that are approved and accepted by ASNT NDT Level III Inspector, and our crews meet all ASNT-SNT-TC-1A criteria.

We look forward to being able to provide these services for you and your company. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us. 

Freedom Iron Testing specializes in the rebuilding and recertification of frac iron and flow iron, including: 

  • frac missiles
  • 1”- 4” swivels (chicksan)
  • 1” – 4” 1502 flowline
  • 1” – 4” plug valves
  • line trucks
  • Dart valves
  • check valves
  • pop-offs
  • kill trucks
  • pump trucks
  • safety iron
  • Gate valves
  • spools and DSA’s


Freedom Iron Testing also does custom Iron Basketsfor better organization of on-site equipment.

  • 12’ x 8’ x 6’ It can hold 500 feet plus of 2” 1502 flow line, 20 plus 2” plug valves, 32 2” swivels. Plus 2” 1502 T’s.
  • 12’x 6’ x 5’ It can hold 250 feet plus of 2” 1502 flowline. 15 2” plug valves, 26 2” swivels. Plus 2” 1502 T’s.

(All baskets come with forklift holes, certified lifting cables, safety pins to hold equipment in place and dry weight stickered on the side)

Freedom Iron Testing also sells 1”- 4” 1502 rubber seals (with or without brass)

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